Medium-Term Business Plan

Start of House Foods Group Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan
Striving to Become a High Quality Company that Provides “Healthy Life Through Foods” in Terms of our “Three Responsibilities”

The Group commenced its Sixth Medium-Term Three-year Business Plan in April 2018.
The Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan carries on the theme of “Striving to become a high quality company that provides ‘Healthy Life Through Foods’” set out under the previous medium-term business plan. Assuming there is no guarantee that our current core businesses will remain as our core businesses in the future amid “the growing tendency for people to eat out or buy food to eat at home” and advancing “changes in household structure,” we have changed the basic concept of the medium-term business plan from the previous plan’s “selection and concentration” to “reform,” which we have expressed as “becoming a high quality company.”
In addition, the diversity of Group companies expanded considerably with the addition of business companies with various individual characteristics and business models to the Group over the three years of the previous medium-term business plan. Under the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, we will shift from our current stage, in which we are still doing “addition,” to the stage of doing “multiplication” by deepening collaboration among Group companies. At the same time, we will learn how to skillfully manage this diversity in order to ensure that we transform to a high quality company at a steady pace.

Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan(~FY2020)

When formulating the Group philosophy, “Through food, we aim to be a good corporate citizen, connecting and collaborating with people to create smiles in their lives,” we kept in mind the “three responsibilities” we must fulfill as a good corporate citizen (for customers, employees and their families and society).
The employment environment has undergone major changes and demands from society have intensified during the three years of the Fifth Medium-Term Business Plan. In these circumstances, we recognize that we must pay greater attention than ever to our various stakeholders.
Under the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, therefore, we have set themes for initiatives aimed at each of “three responsibilities,” and will strive to become a high quality company through the fulfilment of all three.
In Japan, where both the overall population and working-age population are declining faster than anywhere else in the world, it is clear that neither companies nor the nation will survive unless we can achieve an environment that enables maximum participation by limited human resources.
Therefore, with respect to “for employees and their families,” we are making efforts to realize diversity in terms of both people and organization in order to increase productivity and to achieve both growth for individuals and creation of innovation.
From the perspective of our responsibility “for society,” we will pursue the two themes of (i) construction of a recycling-oriented model, which is essential for us as a corporation, and (ii) achievement of a society of healthy longevity, which we can do particularly well because we are a food company.
From the aspect of “for customers,” we will work on realizing synergies with a group of companies that have joined the Group in the past few years to further build up the core of our value chain, reinforcing our R&D function, and expanding growth and strengthening our business foundation in growth markets overseas.
These themes will not be completely achieved during the three years of the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, and we are therefore committed to sustained efforts over the span of two business plans, including the Seventh Medium-Term Business Plan.

Ideal of House Foods Group
Striving to become a high quality company that provides “Healthy Life Through Foods”

three responsibilities

Management targets and indicatorsdetail

Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan(FY2020)
Targets on a consolidated basis
Net sales310.0billion yen
(Change from the Fifth Medium-Term Business Plan+18.1billion yen)
Operating profit22.0billion yen
(Change from the Fifth Medium-Term Business Plan+5.7billion yen)

Strategies by segmentdetail

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