Medium-Term Business Plan

Under the Group’s Seventh Medium-term Business Plan, the Group will accelerate its transformation into a high quality company in terms of all “three responsibilities” (“For our customers,” “For our employees and their families,” and “For society”) and will pivot towards new challenges for growth. The Group has defined four value chains (“VC”) as domains in which it will provide “Healthy Life Through Food.” By further expanding the mainstay “Spice VC” and by endeavoring to develop the “Functional Ingredients VC,” which includes vitamin and lactic acid bacterium, and the “Soybean VC” centered on tofu, as well as the “Value-Added Vegetable VC” as a new challenge, the Group will work to achieve growth in Japan and overseas through the creation of new value.

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History of Medium-term Business Plans

History of Medium-term Business Plans

Seventh Medium-term Business Plan General Framework

House Foods Group’s Goal

Striving to be a high quality company that provides “Healthy Life Through Foods” <Chapter 2>

Striving for Four Value Chains

- Aiming for growth alongside qualitative transformation -

Consolidated targets and management indicators(FY2023)

Net sales 305.0 billion yen
Operating profit 26.0 billion yen
ATO 0.80 times
ROS 8.5%
(EBITDA margin) 13.2%
ROA 6.8%
E-ratio 70.6%
ROE 6.1%

Strengthening of Governance

Seek to further strengthen the corporate governance framework for the implementation of value chain management

1Transition to Company with Audit & Supervisory Committee

This will strengthen audit and supervisory functions, as Directors who are Audit &Supervisory Committee members will have voting rights at meetings of the Board of Directors

2Establishment of Nomination Advisory Committee

Seek to further enhance the corporate governance framework by ensuring transparency and objectivity in the process of determining matters such as the election and dismissal of Directors.
Composition: Composed of three or more Directors elected by resolution of the Board of Directors
(At least half of the members will be Independent Directors)

3Revision of stock compensation plan for Directors

Introduction of advance delivery-type restricted stock compensation to further align values of Directors and shareholders
* Change from previous shareholders’ association made up of directors; excludes Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee members

Strategies by segment