House Foods Group by the Numbers

What we value 3responsibilities

~ For Our Customers, for Our Employees and Their Families, and for Society ~

These are the Group’s values that are fundamental elements of our business activities.

Three Responsibilities

Founded in 1913

This year marks the 111th year of the House Foods Group. We have always been committed to the creation of a new food culture, inheriting the aspirations of its founder who wished for the happiness of home.

founded in 1913

Number of employees 6,543

The number of overseas employees is 2,285. The ratio of female managers is 12.2%.
We are transforming ourselves into a multi-cultural group where various cultures and climates are intermingled like spices.
(As of March 2024)

Company Overview

Net Sales 299.6
billion yen

We are working on growth from a value chain perspective to maximize the Group's strengths.
(As of March 2024)

net sales

Overseas Expansion 23.8%

We are developing businesses that combine the technological capabilities cultivated in Japan with local food culture, such as the TOFU business in the U.S., the curry business in China, and the functional beverage business in Thailand. The ratio of overseas sales has expanded to 23.8% of the Group's total sales.
(As of March 2024)

Overseas Expansion

No.1 market share
in Japan

  • Curry roux

  • Stew roux

  • Retort pouched curry


Source: Monthly SRI+ data by INTAGE Inc. (April 2023 through March 2024)

Number of Ichibanya

We operate 1,245 restaurants in Japan and 212 overseas, mainly through "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya".
(As of February 2024)

Number of Ichibanya restaurants