Management Policy

The Group positions the following three factors as the Group philosophy. According to the Group philosophy, the Group has been striving to expand its business through consistent business activities by clarifying the targets it aims to achieve.

“Our Founding philosophy”
In every happy home throughout Japan you will find the warm flavor of home cooking, House. The Symbol of a Happy Home

“Group philosophy”
Through food, we aim to be a good corporate citizen, connecting and collaborating with people to create smiles in their lives.

“House Ideals (Spirit)”

The Company’s motto

Sincerity, Originality and Enthusiasm

The 10 House Values
- Know yourself
- Be humble in your self-confidence and pride
- Creative work brings dignity
- The advancement of House depends on the personal development of each individual
- House’s strength is the strength of all of us combined
- A salary is compensation for doing useful things for society
- Being useful to society as employees and as a company
- A useful employee is a strong partner for achieving business goals
- Profits are necessary for a company to be useful to society
- The dedicated passion each one of us feels for the company is the secret to success for House