Three Responsibilities

The fundamental elements of all of our business activities

The “Three Responsibilities” represent our desire to be a “good partner” to our various stakeholders, rather than simply striving to maximize profits as a company.
In the times ahead, the business environment surrounding companies may become as challenging as navigating through a storm. Instead of being buffeted by those stormy seas, the “Three Responsibilities” will become an anchor that will allow us to set our course toward the vision we aim to achieve.
In order for the House Foods Group to continue to be a company that is useful to society throughout the ages, these Three Responsibilities form the basis of all of our activities.


For Our Customers

We believe that fulfilling “responsibility for our customers” means being of service to customers through the business as a company playing a role in economic activities.
To this end, it is important that we keep growing as a business company and continue offering our unique value to society.

For Our Employees and Their Families

“People create the business of a company and people create the value of the company.” Individual employees play roles in all sorts of corporate activities and a company would not function without these employees’ active participation.
The growth of employees directly affects the growth of a company, and we believe it is imperative that we fulfill our responsibility for the employees themselves as well as for their family members who support the employees’ active participation.

For Society

As the phrase “corporate citizen” shows, a company has a role it must play as part of society. Just focusing on law-abiding business activities and fulfilling tax obligations is not sufficient to have the company accepted as something necessary for society.
Fulfilling responsibility for society means to contribute to the resolution of various social issues by leveraging the company’s unique strengths, and in doing so, a company may finally be able to become something that is required by society