Operations of House Foods Group

Operations of House Foods Group

Proportions of the segments in our consolidated sales


Spice / Seasoning / Processed Food Business
Manufacture and sales of food service products and household products such as curry roux, stew roux, retort pouched curry, spice products and starch noodles in Japan
Major affiliates
House Foods Corporation
GABAN Co., Ltd.
Malony Co., Ltd.


Health Food Business
Manufacture, sales and mail-order sales of health food and functional drinks including Ukon No Chikara, C1000 and Ichinichibun No Vitamin, among others, in Japan
Major affiliates
House Wellness Foods Corporation


International Food Business
The business focuses on the manufacture and sales of tofu and other soybean-related products, curry products and functional food mainly in the United States, China and Southeast Asia.
Major affiliates
House Foods America CORPORATION
House Foods CHINA Inc.
House Osotspa Foods Co., Ltd.


Restaurant Business
Both domestically and internationally, the business operates Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, a chain of restaurants that offers Japanese-style curry and rice.
Major affiliates


Other Food Related Business
The business contributes to the strengthening of synergy within the Group through manufacture and sales of prepared food, food analysis and import sales of food ingredients, for example.
Major affiliates
Delica Chef Corporation
Vox Trading Co., Ltd.
House Logistics Service Corporation

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