Malony Co., Ltd.

Always have Maloney on the table! In addition to being used as an ingredient in one-pot dishes, Malony can be used in salads or marinades.

Manufacture and sale of starch noodle "Malony" which was born through an innovative manufacturing process developed using unique technologies,used potatoes from Hokkaido as the main raw material.

Malony Co., Ltd.

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About "Malony"

With its "healthy deliciousness " and the added benefit of "simple and easy cooking," Malony has gained wide popularity as a new value starch noodles differing conventional bean-starch vermicelli.

Malony Co., Ltd.

Company data

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Company name Malony Co., Ltd.
Head office 2-26, Nakanoshimacho, Suita-city, Osaka, Japan
Main switchboard +81 (0)6-6381-2626
Capital JPY 60 million
Main activities Manufacture and sale of starch products

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