Ichibanya Co., Ltd.

Deliver the Japanese curry culture to the world

We try to improve the store operation capabilities in order to delivery better products and better services to our customers with our company's motto "Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile"
We will continue to deliver delicious curry rice to not only people in Japan but also all over the world in order to achieve stable and sustainable growth of our business.

Ichibanya Co., Ltd.

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Company name Ichibanya Co., Ltd.
Head office 6-12-23, Mitsui, Ichinomiya-city, Aichi, Japan
Main switchboard +81 (0)586-76-7545
Capital JPY 153.27 million
Main activities Restaurant operation and franchise development of curry restaurants "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya", other restaurant business, etc.

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