Equity-method affiliate

Company data

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Company name Ichibanya Midwest Asia Co., Ltd.
Head office Bangkok, Thailand
Capital Baht50 million
Main activities Operation of curry restaurants in Thailand
Company name Vox Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Head office Bangkok, Thailand
Capital Baht23 million
Main activities Sale of food products within Thailand
Company name Sanyo Can Corporation
Head office Fukushima-city,Fukushima
Capital JPY155 million
Main activities Production and sales of dessert products, canned products and retort pouched products for commercial use
Company name FーLINE Corporation
Head office Kitahiroshima-city,Hokaido,Japan
Capital JPY98 million
Main activities Warehouse business,Warehouse cargo handling business,Motor Truck Transportation Business Act,Consigned Freight Forwarding Business

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